Party & Mingle

A String quartet for receptions, parties and other musical events

On this page you can read about our different musical party packages for all types of events.
Conferences and reception music.

Party and Mingle Music

The Wulfson String Quartet really sets the mood for your party. Many people choose to create an atmosphere with string quartet music, which allows the guests to stand and listen to the music or let it just be background music while socializing with the other guests. We can adjust to any size of party in both volume and sound. Live music is unbeatable at festive events and a string quartet is an easy way to create the right party atmosphere!

Wulfson Quartet - Stråkkvartett för mingel och fest


We play songs to suite everybodys taste. Our repertoire is broad and spans over all different styles of music which suits a string quartet. We play classic pearls that most people recognize, film music from the best known and most loved films of all time, songs, opera, pop songs, folkmusic, jazzmusic and music from well known musicals. Email us to take a look at our repertoire list so you can choose the perfect music for your event.

Wulfson Quartet - Stråkkvartett för mingel och fest

A Stringquartet at the dinner party

The Wulfson String Quartet is also booked for playing background music to create a cosy atmosphere for your guests during dinner.

Other people use the string quartet as the musical highlight of the dinner and treat their guests to a concert. We in Wulfson Quartet are also booked to play during the dinner as an accompaniment to songs. You can also book us together with a vocalist / singer who can lead your guest by singing together with them. Email us for more information about this.

Wulfson Quartet - Stråkkvartett för mingel och fest

A String quartet at a dancing event

The Wulfson String Quartet plays at balls and weddings where you need music to dance to. Usually people ask for Viennese waltzes and ordinary waltzes that are lovely to dance to. If you want a bass player also, just let us know. It is used to enhance the sound of the string quartet when dancing waltzes. It is unbeatable, with live music at this type of musical event, and using a string quartet is an easy way to create the perfect party atmosphere.

Wulfson Quartet - Stråkkvartett för mingel och fest